Friday, October 19, 2012

Friday Fragments

Let's just put this out there.  I hate Comcast.  Or xfinity or what ever they are calling themselves today.  They just SUCK.  Big Time.

With AZ being out of work right now, we are working to reduce expenses as much as possible. I called to cancel the TV portion of the cable and they have since messed up the Internet part.  We've been without Internet for over a week now and they can't seem to fix it.  Technician #2 will be at the house tomorrow.  If they can't get it fixed, they'd better be ready to face the wrath of ME.  AZ has been dealing with them so far and he's a LOT nicer than I will be. 

I do want to thank the neighbor who has left their network unsecured.  I promise I'm not looking up porn or anything.

AZ, JR and I are going out to dinner with AZ's parents on Saturday.  They are going to FL for the winter season.  They love it there.  Its going to be a good evening!

Tonight, I'm going to a Slumber Party.  Wine, chocolate and sex toys!  Sounds like a pretty interesting evening!

Dad's wired for sound.  His heart doctor wanted to follow up on the A-fib of his heart.  He has to wear a heart monitor for a month.  Then they will look at the results and see what needs to be done, if anything.

It looks like its going to be a lovely weekend.  Jakes is scheduled to work at the horse farm on Saturday morning.  Sunday I think I am going to draft him into helping to make chocolate covered pretzels for a meeting I have Monday evening.  yum

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  1. wine and sex toys...i have never been to a slumber party like that...smiles....

    dont go to verizon....they suck worse...


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