Monday, October 22, 2012

New Phone

It was time for an upgrade for my cell. I've had an iPhone and have loved it. But I have friends who have Android phones.

They tell me there are so many more free apps for the Android system.

So I got me a galaxy 2 s. I love it!  The screen is bigger than the old phone. The apps are great!  There is even an app for blogger that works completely, without any compatibility issues.

In fact, I'm using the app right now!   If your in the market for a new cell phone, I highly recommend the galaxy 2 s.

These opinions are all my own and I haven't been paid for them. Of course if Samsung wants to toss a great cover my way, it'd be mighty appreciated!


  1. my phone is a clunker...base makes phone laughs at apps and the battery randomly falls out just to show me who is boss....

  2. I've got the same phone! Sprint sometimes annoys me, but the phone is great.

  3. I've heard raves from people over that phone. Good choice!


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