Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halloween and Decorating

It was lovely fall weather this weekend.  After Jakes was done at the farm, he cut the grass and we decorated.  It was a family project because I'm short and needed the tall men in my life to help.

A free pattern for the bats, a couple strings of lights and
I have a spooky bay window.

A twin bedsheet from Dad's stint in the Navy 40 years ago.
Some old newspapers and string
makes a passel of ghosts for the tree

White yarn, a couple of tent stakes and lots of patience.
Now we have a HUGE spider web.

Who's got some bugs to keep my spider happy?
Check out websites like Country Living and Better Homes and Gardens for free ideas and patterns to help you decorate your home for Halloween!


  1. Amy, what a great idea and it looks like such fun!

  2. that spider web looks frickin awesome....the bat in the window are pretty cool as well...

  3. You guys rock at decorating! How fun is all that?!!


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