Thursday, October 25, 2012

Thunder Shirts for Dogs

There is a product designed for dogs and cats to help with anxiety in the animal.  Its called a Thundershirt.

Fortunately, Jaxon doesn't seem to have separation anxiety.  He does have an aversion to loud noises like fireworks.  We made our own version of a thunder shirt for Jaxon.

Jaxon has a monkey on his back.

Jaxon loves playing with stuffed animals, especially ones with long arms and legs.  They are easy to tie around him.

He fell asleep with the monkey on his back.
Jaxon was able to untie the monkey when he got up.
He puts up with a lot from us. 
But he still loves us.


  1. awww...the stuffed animal pic is awesome....

    saw some superhero outfits for dogs the other day...they were pretty cool...

  2. Yep, we got a Thundershirt for Mocha because she has severe severe! anxiety whenever I leave the house without her. It works wonders. Then when it comes off, she's all hyper again!


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