Friday, October 26, 2012

Velata Fun

I'm a Chocoholic. I admit it.  If there is a support group, please do NOT direct me.  I don't want help for my addiction. 

I do LOVE that Velata has helped out my addiction with their Fondue Warmers.  I have three that we use regularly.  A Blue Razz, a Maraschino cherry, and a black liquorish.

Blue Razz
Looks like fun just sitting there!
They are so easy to set up.  Just plug it in and turn it on!  To get the chocolate started, you just have to put the bag into the microwave for a minute or so, then pour the chocolate into the fondue dish.  I've been known to suck the remaining chocolate out of the bag.  There's no sense in wasting chocolate.

The Chocolate Packets
And the clean up is just as easy as the set up.  When you're done dipping, just toss the dish into the dishwasher.  It can't get any easier!

There are also dishes to go with the warmers.  You can display your dipping food all around the warmer.
Velata Dishes
This weekend, I made lots of cute dipping things. I got the ideas from Velata's website and Pinterest Pages.  The first one, Peanut Butter Pretzels were SO yummy!  AZ was my taster and he said he could eat them like chips and dip.  I had to hide the ones that I was making for work so he wouldn't eat them all! 

Before their swim in chocolate!

If you want the recipe, let me know!  I'll email it right over. 
If you want a Velata warmer and chocolate, email me and I'll get you set up!

After their swim in the chocolate.
Some dove all the way in, while the others were more cautious and just waded in halfway
I also took the white chocolate, melted it and colored it orange.  I dipped the pretzels in and topped them off with a green M&M. 
How cute are they? 
And SO easy to make with the Velata Chocolate and Warmer

Now, I know I've talked ya'll into getting a Velata Warmer and chocolate.  Remember, all the wonderful holiday parties you are planning and you know this will be a wonderful addition to your spread.  Plug it in, warm up the chocolate and lay out some fruits and other dipping stuff.  Easy set up, easy clean up.

Contact me and we'll get you all set up in time for your holiday parties!

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  1. oh wow...peanut butter and chocolate....go together like...well like nothing else....yummmm.....


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