Sunday, October 28, 2012

Checking in

We are all battened down and tucked in for the hurricane. By all predictions sandy will be making a left into south jersey. Yes, you can make a left in south jersey, just have to watch out for the cows.

If we were in north Jersey sandy couldn't make a left. She'd have to take the jug handle. Thanks for the giggle @blogmamaandrea and @cyclinpapa!

I had a good week of getting blogs scheduled but didn't get a chance to catch up with yours. I was flat on my back with positional vertigo. I don't know if the treatment or the problem is worse. Dr prescribed antihistamines and rest. The meds put me to sleep and I was still dizzy when I was up. Without the meds I was/am still dizzy. It hasn't been a fun couple of days for me.

I think my biggest complaint about this illness is I haven't been able to read. Dr ordered be rest and tracking across the page booo hoo.

I hope to catch up with you guys this coming week provided we have electricity.

For those in the path of this frankenstorm I pray for your safety. Be safe!


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