Wednesday, October 31, 2012

We Made it Through

We made it through the wrath of Frankenstorm Sandy. The worst part of the entire storm was that we lost power for about 5 hours overnight.  So I just went to bed!

Dad and ESM ventured back to their house to see what they would find.  It was fine!  No flooding or damage.  We were very, very lucky and I am so thankful for that!

After checking out the pictures from around the web and friends, we were SO lucky!

AZ's parents have a mobile home in Lower Delaware and shared pictures of water up to the doorway.  SCARY!  Especially since they are currently in Florida for the winter. Fortunately, they have good friends who are checking things out for them and hopefully they won't have to make a trip north to handle things here.

I am praying for all the people who were not as lucky as my family was and I hope the clean up moves quickly to get everything back to the "new" normal.


  1. So glad you and your loved ones are safe.

  2. gald it was as light in your area as it was mine...there are def those that are in bad shape right now...


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