Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Voted!

I voted yesterday in my new town.  Its was weird!  I mean, all my voting life, I've done it in my hometown where everyone knows everyone.  The poll workers know my parents, knew my mom and one was even my teacher in elementary school. I would go the the polling place and spend 20 minutes catching up with everyone before and after voting.

Yesterday, I went to the new place and was lost.  I followed the signs to my district and gave my name.  There was no problem voting, it was just weird.  I knew NO ONE there.  And there were lots more people there than in my old polling place.  But I was still in and out of there in less time than my old place. 

Yesterday was another reminder that I have grown up and left the nest.


  1. is always interesting moving to new places....and yes a sign of growing up for sure...


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