Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tuesday Tidbits

Just a quick update on things around the nest.....

Spent the weekend SICK as a dog!  Just a cold, thanks for sharing AZ!  But it kept me in bed Sunday and Yesterday.  UGH.  I hate being sick!  Jaxon, on the other hand, loved it!  He spent most of the day snuggled in bed with me.

The Holiday concert went well!  We had an awesome turn out for both performances.  Daddy videoed a little bit for me but I have to catch up with him to get the thumb drive from him.

Jaxon is getting a playmate for a week or so!  Oscar is coming to visit while my parent go out of town.  Its going to be exciting having 2 dogs running under foot!  If anyone has any tips for parenting two active dogs, please share them!

I am going to be off work for almost 2 weeks between Christmas and New Years!  Jakes will probably spend most of that time with me! I am looking forward to and yet dreading the time!  I'll have to see if I can afford a little trip to OCMD for us like we used to do.

The weather here has been rainy, overcast and foggy for over a week now.  I'm beginning to think we live in Seattle rather than the East Coast.  YUCK.  What I wouldn't give to see a little sunshine!

Because of things going on in my life, I am thinking of getting in touch with my old therapist.  I have gotten some good advice from friends on the situations but I think I might want an unbiased opinion on some things.  And she could also remind me of the coping skills I needed in the past.  Not to mention some ideas for changing things that we haven't thought of.

I think Jakes is grounded because of his grades.  I got a progress report that included TWO F's and he hasn't texted me lately.  If he were in my house, he'd be grounded from texting.  I emailed his father letting him know that I am willing to continue the grounding rules in my home as well as curtail his working at the farm until his grades come up.  As usual, the father-of-the-year hasn't responded to my inquiries.  If the school didn't send me information, I wouldn't know anything.  Oh well, I will continue my efforts to co-parent even if his father doesn't reciprocate.  If we ever had to go to court over it, I can show my efforts and his lack of cooperation.

That's about it.  Its time for a quick walk over to the bank and then back to work on the applications at work!  Have a wonderful Tuesday!


  1. That's a little disheartening to hear of his drop in grades. :( I hope that takes a turnaround soon.

    It might not be a bad idea to revisit therapy for a bit and maybe you'll get the clarity you need.

  2. the drop is to be expected as well...and i hear you on looking forward to but dreading the 2 weeks....take it day by day...

  3. I can relate to the grounding thing. Seriously though, he can't respond.

    Chin up. Two dogs will be fine however because they will keep each other busy. And hopefully make the vacation time go a little less slow.


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