Tuesday, March 19, 2013


This weekend was lovely!  It was relaxing and peaceful.  The drive up to Massachusetts was uneventful and smooth.  We didn't get lost once!  But that could be because Sis has this AWESOME memory.  She was at this retreat house once before and while she wasn't confident in her memory.  When we were in the area, she recognized things and with the help of the GPS, we arrived at the Retreat house without incident.

The Church

We settled into our rooms to wait for the others to arrive and the party to start.

My Room
NO Wifi AND   No TV!

Sis's wonderful memory provided us with dinner at 99, which was around the corner from the Retreat House.  There was Wifi there!  YAY!  Gave me a chance to check email and let my facbook family know I'd made it safe.

After dinner, the retreat started.  There were 44 women there for spiritual guidance through their recovery from their addiction.  Sis gave her talk, there was a pizza party and candlelight  walk.  Sis and I went to bed before the walk, its amazing how tired driving makes you!

On Saturday, there was a full schedule of meetings and discussions.  Sis gave two more lectures which were enlightening and entertaining.  I knew she would be a fabulous speaker, she is just a fabulous person in life and I knew that would come out in her lectures.

In the afternoon, I took a walk around the campus.  The Holy Cross campus was huge!  And it butted up to Stonehill College Campus which was massive!  Sis and I drove around and checked that out.

The Fathers house

Holy Cross Chapel

The Retreat House

They provided our meals and they were super yummy!  And the volunteer staff who served us were wonderful!  Saturdays dinner was kick a$$ meatloaf with killer gravy!  Mouthwatering!

While the group discussions and the "cult" atmosphere wasn't my cup of tea (I'm not in recovery and didn't "get" some of what the women had been through) I could see the good that was being done for the women who were participating.

On Sunday we woke up to a nice sunny day, had breakfast, Sis gave one more lecture and we were off!  We had another uneventful smooth trip home.

I came home to a clean house, laundry done (except for what I had with me), a wiggly dog, tons of email, and My Own Bed.  I took Monday off work so that I could have all day to get settled in and organized for work this week.  Back on track!


  1. That truly sounds like a wonderful, restorative weekend. So glad you went!

  2. ha. that chapel is pretty cool looking...looks like a lighthouse....glad you had a great time this weekend....


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