Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I don't know why but old graveyards fascinate me.  When I was in Massachusetts on the Holy Cross campus, there was a lovely old one on the grounds and I couldn't resist exploring!

It was a COLD walk, with spring coming I'd been enjoying some warmer temperatures but going just a few hours north, the air was colder and there was snow on the ground. At least it was on the ground and not the roads!

The graveyard had stones with dates in the early 1700's.  Some were so weather worn I couldn't make out a date.  Seeing the dates reminded me that people settled in this area long before they ventured south to my home area.  I wish I had more time and freedom to explore Easton, MA more.  Maybe someday I'll head back to share it with Jakes.

I couldn't make out what this one says.

There was a marker on one that was from the War of 1812.  I thought that was pretty neat!

It was a small graveyard but with lots of character

Time and weather takes a toll.

I had a lovely brisk walk about the church campus and took a bunch of wonderful pictures.


  1. oh i am fascinated by them as well...we had one in the back yard growing up, so that may play a part...and we have an amazing one nearby that is so old....and huge....was used in the civil war, there is a whole section...

  2. I love pictures of old graveyards. I was fascinated when we went to Andrew Jackson's plantation outside Nashville. I even debated taking a photography class at a local graveyard dating back to the 1800's (decided Gas Works Park gives more variety for a first time class). It is one reason I wish we still lived in Kentucky, so I could see more of the civil war era artifacts. I'm a civil war era-aholic!


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