Thursday, March 21, 2013

I'm A Jersey Girl

I'm a Jersey Girl and it was proven this weekend.  I can't pump gas into my car.  See in Jersey, its illegal for the customer to pump their own gas and I've never done it regularly.  I know the basics of HOW to do it but putting it into practice isn't always the easiest.

This weekend, I filled up right before I got to Sis's house.  We stopped at the end of the Garden State Parkway and filled up.  Then we drove a couple hundred miles north, into Self Service territory!

My car gets really good gas mileage and I didn't think we'd have to stop until we got to the Garden State Parkway on the way home.  But 95 South through Connecticut is SO long and lonely.  We were about 30 miles outside New York City when I decided we'd better stop for gas.  We might have made it but I didn't want to be the car stuck on the Tapanzzee Bridge blocking traffic.

I pulled into the gas station (on the right side to fill up!) and looked for instructions.  Nothing. Ok.  Let's stick the credit card in and see what happens.  Most of the screen was out and I couldn't read what it wanted.  I tried putting in an amount to pump.  Wrong.  I pulled the nozzle out but couldn't see how I was to let the pump know what grade I wanted. 

Ok.  Don't be a man about this, ask for help.  There was someone in the booth and they walked me step by step through process.  Gas FINALLY started into my starving car! 

I ended the transaction but couldn't get a receipt to print.  Nice.  A little maintenance would be nice for us Jersey Girls.

Sis and I continued on and finally made it back to the land of Full Service.  I gave the attendant an extra special "Thank you" when he finished filling up my baby.

There is one thing Jersey is good for!


  1. haha...i was out in oregon one time...and almost got arrested for pumping my own we have to do it ourselves here...

  2. LOL! I have to laugh. That was the weirdest thing about my brief time of living in Jersey, not pumping my own gas. I guess I'll get used it again if it should become necessary ;)


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