Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Date Night

AZ and I don't get to go out for many "dates".  If we have a chance to get out together, its usually in relation to running a kid or two around or visiting our parents.

So when I scored FREE movie tickets to a premire of "The Heat" starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy I immedately told AZ we were GOING!  No kids, no parents, just US.  And its FREE!  And the movie looks FUNNY as all get out!  AZ said yesterday that he's looking forward to going.

UPDATE:  AZ is sick and won't be going with me.  BUMMER! Tryng to talk BFF into going with me.  If not, I'll go by myself!

Check out the trailer:


  1. nice....its important to get that me time...date time....and the movie does look funny...and shwing! on free tix....enjoy

  2. I'd go with you! I wanted to see that!

  3. I'd go! I wanted to see that!

  4. She is absolutely hysterical. I'd go by myself to see it too!


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