Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Different View of the Nations Monuments

Our trip to Washington was SO hot we couldn't do much during the day.  We would have just roasted.  We tried but it was just HOT.

So after a day at the Air Conditioned Capitol Building, we relaxed until the sun went down, then took the Metro over to the Monuments.  We'd been told to make sure we saw them at night because it was lovely.  I have to agree!

I need to work on my night time picture taking because most of them are blurry.  Sorry!

The Washington Monument wrapped in Scaffolding
As soon as you step out of the Metro station, this is what you see.   The Washington Monument was wrapped in scaffolding as they are making repairs from the earthquake 18 months ago.  We had hoped to be able to go to the top but since its under repair, no one is allowed up.  Next time we're visiting, we'll see what we can do about going up.

The World War II Memorial
 The World War II memorial is a beautiful testament in the daylight.  At night, its lit up and is a new level of beauty. I  really wish my pictures did it justice.  Off to the side of the memorial is a place where you can look up people who served in the war.  We looked up AZ's grandfather which made him and his mother happy.  I took a picture of the computer screen and texted it to her.
The Lincoln Memorial
 I think this is my favorite memorial, in daylight and at night.  Before we arrived in DC, I was saying I wanted to see this one at night.  I knew it would be impressive.  A week after we came home, I saw on the news where someone had thrown green paint on it.  Such a shame that people can't respect things.

The Washington Monument with the Capitol Building peaking out the side
 Jakes found this fabulous place on the Lincoln Memorial where you can get pictures of the Washington Monument with the Capitol Building peaking out.  I wish I'd been there during the day to get this one.  But I love that I got this.  Good Job Jakes!

Vietnam War Memorial
We went to the Vietnam War Memorial.  I think everyone who has a chance to go to DC should see this memorial.  It's a WALL of NAMES.  These are names of men and women who died or are still listed as missing in action from this conflict.  The wall starts out short, about a foot high.  By the time you get to the middle, its about 15 feet high, maybe taller. When we start walking you can hear the sounds of the city, traffic and talking.  When you are in the middle of it, there is absolute quiet.  Its a very solemn experience.

The walk to the Lincoln Memorial is 1.5 miles from the Metro Station so all in all we walked over three miles that night.  We didn't get back to the hotel until almost 1 am.  But we enjoyed it! 


  1. you know...i dont think i have seen DC at night since i was little ...that is pretty cool...we will have to do that next time we are up there...

  2. Last time I was there the monument was being worked on too! What the heck. I love how the monuments all look at night, just gorgeous!

    You're not kidding about the heat and humidity of DC in the summertime though. Whoa.


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