Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Random Vacation Shots

Here are some random vacation shots

This construction plant is valued at $17 MILLION.

It was built in Cape Charles VA to help build and transport materials to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel

There were bird nests on all the channel markers

this couple was keeping a close eye on our boat


Clamming boats in dock after a long day at work

Another clamming boat

Who wants Clams? ME!

They had a long walk - they were about 150 yards off shore

heading out to work

A dead horseshoe crab that some kids discovered.

Horseshoe crabs are on the endangered list so I was sad to see this one had died

I'd love to go kayaking.  The bay was so smooth.

This was across the bay.  I want Huny to buy it for me.

Another angle of my new home.
Hope you enjoyed the random shots!

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  1. nice....at first i thought that last was under the boardwalk....the horseshoe crabs are really cool as well....


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