Monday, August 19, 2013

The Camping Trip

Huny and I were invited to go camping with my parents this past weekend.  What a wonderful, relaxing ADULT camping trip.  We went to Cherrystone Campground which is on the Virgina side of the Chesapeake Bay, almost to the Bay-Bridge Tunnel.  The Campground was LOVELY and huge!  There was always staff around making sure everything was clean and ready for the next family to move into the site.

 Being right on the bay, they have made good use of the natural setting around.  There are four piers which fishing, crabbing and clamming were easy and abundant. Unfortunately, Huny and I didn't take fishing, crabbing or clamming equipment with us.  Next time!

All set up

After a 5 hour drive behind the RV, we arrived and checked in.  Setting up was easy peasy and Dad was glad to have Huny's help with things outside.  ESM took care of everything inside.  I took care of the dogs and took pictures.

The view from our site. See the water in the distance? HEAVEN!

I caught pictures of the sunset the first day and explored the campground.
Sunset from the front row 
One of the piers leading to the water
There was lots of fun things to do around the campground. They had scheduled activities each day and for the weekend, it was carnival weekend.  They had face painting, bounce houses and lots of of fun carnival games.

Walking the pier
We took good food and drinks with us.  Huny cooked hamburgers and hotdogs as well as chicken cooked over the fire for us.

Empty Clam Shells - Not ours unfortunately
Friday night, we went on a boat ride to watch the sunset and look for dolphins. While it was cloudy on land, the sun did come out from the clouds long enough for us to get some great shots of it setting and the dolphins jumping.

Huny getting the fire going so we can chill out around it
Saturday was a wasted day because my head cold erupted with lots of disgusting stuff dripping from every orifice on my face. And it was cloudy and rainy.

Crab Pot off the pier.
More waterfront camp sites
My and Huny on the boat at sunset
It was a lovely weekend, even with being sick.  I enjoyed having time with my parents and my Huny without any kids around.   I hope we get a chance to go back to this campground... there were pools and a wet-zone that we didn't get a chance to explore.


  1. Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing weekend and perfect for an end of summer getaway. I hope you really do get to go back sometime!

  2. lots of disgusting stuff exploding from every orifice of my face....i am scarred now....haha

    glad you had a good weekend....and adult get away...that is hugely important...

  3. Glad your weekend was camping fun with your hon!

    Hope your feeling better soon.


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