Monday, October 21, 2013

Farm Drama

As I was on my way to get Jakes after work, I ran into one of the mom's from the farm.  She gave me a heads up that there was drama happening at the farm.  Okay.  She gave me the low-down on what she knew so I could give Jakes a heads up and let him be ready for whatever would happen on Saturday.

We got to the farm and checked in with Ms. Jill.  She didn't share details but then unless they affect me or Jakes, I don't really need to know about the details.  The two newest trainers had left the farm for another farm. Lots of kids are disappointed with the changes but they are staying at Jill's place.

Ms. Jill assigned Jakes a couple of jobs for the day and they were off and running.  It was a wonderful day at the farm, lots of lessons to be given even with being short-handed in trainers.  Jakes gave a lesson to Timmy on Brutis, Megan gave Jakes a lesson on Buttons.  All the kids worked together to make sure all the lessons were given and everyone was happy.  They even ran pretty much on time!

We have a standing joke with Ms. Jill that her little piece of heaven runs on its own time.  None of us parents mind it because the farm is such a relaxing place to be, we just expect to hang out under the tree and chat for a while.  Its lovely.

When Jakes got home to his fathers, he checked Facebook and was going to message his trainer only to find that she had unfriended him.  He called me SOBBING because she didn't want to be his friend.  He felt hurt and used by those two.  I validated his feelings and let him rant and rave about it.  I agreed that it wasn't handled appropriately.  I also reminded him that in time, he would be able to forgive them and move on.  I reminded him that Ms. Jill will forgive them eventually too, that it is the right thing to do.  But that he is entitled to be hurt.   

A while later, Jakes let me know that he was okay.  I thought it was all over and done with.  This morning, I was dragged into the drama.  sigh.

Jakes had sent a very appropriate message to one of the instructors who had just left, expressing his anger and frustration with the situation.  He also stood up for his friends who had been hurt by their actions.  I didn't have any problem with what he sent.  I was proud of his message and I hope it helped him to come to terms with the situation.

But the Instructor did and she messaged me to correct Jakes. I told her I didn't see anything wrong with what he wrote but that if she did, she could feel free to address her concerns to him or just block him on Facebook.  Well, then I got a message from her MOTHER, who was another instructor who left the farm.  I didn't bother to read it.  I don't have time for their temper-tantrums. I just need to get Jakes to block both of them and to move on.

Jakes had already blocked them and once Facebook got over its technical difficulties, I blocked them as well.  I can only hope we are done with the drama created by immature adults and that we can move on with the good life at the farm each weekend.


  1. ugh. def dont want to be sucked into drama...but it sucks they just left, gave no sense of closure and the unfriending is just ugly....

  2. Too bad it had to escalate into drama like that. What an all-around uncomfortable situation.

  3. I am sorry to hear that a therapeutic environment, like your farm, had to have such a scene. I guess wherever there are people, there will be some form of drama from time to time. It sounds like both you and Jakes are handling it well. Good for you. Forgive, forget and move on.


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