Wednesday, October 9, 2013

He'll Always Be My King

As I said before, Jakes was nominated for Homecoming King.  He didn't win this time.  BUT he was okay with it.  He was happy to have been nominated and to be able to go to the dance with his girlfriend!  What a fabulous attitude from my kid!  Love it and him.

The Handsome Couple

I told him he'd always be my king, no matter what!

"MOoooooom!!!!"  he responded.  "stop embarrassing me!"

HA!  That's what Mom's of Teenagers are supposed to do!  Embarrass their kids!


  1. I figure if you're not embarrassing them, you're doing something wrong. ;)

  2. Ha ha Oh MOM ! Secretly they love it when we say those things I am sure lol

  3. Yup--he loves it! He's growing up very nicely, Mom! Good job.

  4. hey good job just being nominated you know....
    you def rocked it....smiles..


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