Monday, October 7, 2013

Weekend Round-Up

I had a pretty good weekend.  Time spent with old friends and current ones.  Memories and stories shared.  Hugs given and received. Love you Kimber!

Birthdays celebrated.  Laughter shared.

And then there was CHOCOLATE!

My BFF, Janet and I got together Saturday evening.  She'd had minor surgery this week and I thought she needed some girl time, with chocolate and alcohol, to make her all better.  We had a good time!

Cherry Coke and Caramel Apples were enjoyed

These pretzels were turned into yummy creations

We decorated the pretzels with Rolos.  Warmed them a bit

And topped them with M&M's!  So yummy!  Of course, we enjoyed cocktails and girl talk while we worked.
But we still had pretzels left over so we hit her Velata stash....

A little Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate and Caramel Milk Chocolate.  Again, warm a bit....

Top with Reese's Pieces.  Oh yeah!  YUM!
Silly movies and puppies made for a perfect ending of the night.
Thanks, Janet!


  1. oh booyah...i want some of those snacks...that is like the therapy i need right now too...ha

    happy monday

  2. Those reeses pieces things, oh man ,I am afraid I would eat the whole tray lol ~ not even kidding !!:)
    Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday Amy


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