Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Its Time to Quit

As you might have noticed, I haven't written too much about things in my household.  Mainly because things between me and AZ haven't been going well at all.  Yes, there have been pockets of good, like date night to see Catching Fire.

In October, I was ready to leave and start life anew.  AZ talked me into staying, saying things could and would be different. And they were.  For about a week.  And then he went back to the Drs and got his prescriptions renewed.  He promptly started using again.

 For two weeks, I had the man I care about, then man I can talk to and enjoy hanging out with. Only for two weeks.  Then for Thanksgiving he was stoned on his medications, again.  The only reason he didn't face-plant in his food is because I kicked him under the table.

So, its time to leave.  I am not changing my mind, I am not going back on my word this time.  I am leaving and not looking back.  I have found a place and will be moving in after Christmas.

I will be starting a new life in the new year.


  1. I hope you stick to it because you deserve to be with someone who gives as much as you do. You deserve to be happy Amy!

  2. good for you on making that decision...and sticking with it...it is not easy but under the circumstances might be best for you....here is to a new year, eh?

  3. Hope things get better for you Amy.
    This must be so hard for you to go through.


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