Friday, January 10, 2014

Bloggy Friends

We make friends out here in the bloggy world. Some of our regular readers tend to weave their way into our real lives. One such reader for me is Blogging Mama Andrea.  

We started following each other because our kids were diagnosed with Aspergers.  And the more we shared on our blogs, the more we found we have in common.  We started following each other in Twitter and even made tentative plans to meet In Real Life when she and her family were close by where I live.

Blogging Mama Andrea was instrumental in my latest move.  She had been encouraging me to take the steps long ago, so long that I'm sure she was frustrated by my tortoise-like movement.

While she is taking a break from the blogging world right now, the day I posted that I had moved, she was my first comment applauding my decision.  So, while she and I are not in almost daily contact as we were at one time, she is still there lurking.  And knowing that she is still there makes me happy.

Yesterday when I got home from a trying day at work there was a lovely package sitting on my steps from Blogging Mama Andrea....

Things to curl up on the couch with

Thank you so much Andrea!  I love it!  And YOU!  Its the perfect housewarming present!


  1. nice...smiles...i never would have believed the friends i would make when i first is good though to have those people around you that will chear you on....

  2. You're welcome! I thought an ass kicking movie with Matt Damon was appropriate, and a distopian book of the future sounded like a good weekend :)

  3. Thanks Amy, and you're welcome. I wanted to include an ass kicking movie and a distopian view of the future in the book (which I'd just read myself and loved). Hopefully some year we will finally meet up!

  4. Even though a few of us were trying to get you to take that step, sometimes it takes an outsider looking in to help a person make a big step like you just did. As one of Amy 's good friends I also want to thank you Andrea. Because of your encouragement Amy is now much happier, she is in a healthy environment and safe. And she is also now venturing out more often with us crazy people she calls her friends, LOL. :-)

  5. What an awesome gift! I love happy mail.

  6. What a great gift. I love the friends I've made in the bloggy world!


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