Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Love Recipes

I love recipes.  I love to cook.  I love all things FREE!  When I had the chance to combine all three of these AND get my recipe file organized, I jumped on it!

In this wonderful blogging world there are tons of different sites, ones that focus on poetry, mommy blogs, cooking blogs, couponing blogs and blogs that direct you to FREE stuff!

The blog Free Stuff Times is one that I REALLY like.  The person behind the blog lists a wide variety of opportunities for FREE stuff.  Just like the title says.  I've been directed to offers for free magazines, free wine, free events and free books.  So far my favorite FREE direction was for a FREE cookbook!

A couple of months ago the website, Gourmandize was listed on the Free Stuff Times with instructions on getting a FREE cookbook.  I immediately checked it out and fell in love with the site and the offer.  You have to join to site in order to get your free cookbook.  Then you have 90 days to type all your recipes into the website and order your cookbook.

Gourmandize is also a little community for cooks.  There are TONS of recipes on there from everyone.  You can check them out and vote on them, make comments on them and use them for your own enjoyment!  I have had so much fun looking over everyone else's recipes!  When I needed some ideas for a party last month, I went right there!  Not only did I have access to my recipes but to a whole community's!

I spent 90 days picking through, organizing and typing my recipes.  MAN!  Did I have a lot!  Finally I was done typing and proofing and ordered my cookbook.  I couldn't wait for it to come!  Yesterday, it was on my doorstep when I got home!  Oh boy, ho Boy! Packages to open!  Books to caress and drool over!

I ended up with TWO books because I had SO many recipes
I divided them with my FAVORITE always use ones in one book
and my other ones in the other book.
You have the option to BUY your book as well as the free offer

Gourmandize has several options of the cookbook you want.
I chose a hard-cover with spiral binding
There is one recipe per page
The pages are coated so you can wipe them off if they
become a casualty of cooking

The recipes are listed in Alphabetical order.
I don't know if that is my preferred way of having them
but it still works!

My Cookbooks will have the place of honor, right next to my
other favorite kitchen staple.
Thank you Gourmandize for your free offer of a cookbook!  They are works of art!

Head over there now for your free Cookbook!


  1. Love it! Thank you Amy for sharing your recipes!

  2. cool...i love trying new recipes and foods i am not familiar with...and new variations on old favs as well...

  3. Your son will probably really appreciate being able to look up his favorites when he starts to cook on his own.


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