Monday, February 3, 2014

Crazy for Balls

Jaxon loves to play with a tennis ball. Sometimes more than one.  Just about everyday, I take him out and throw the ball for him to chase and bring back. Rinse, Lather, Repeat.  The little pup will run after that ball for HOURS!. 

Then we come into the house and he brings me the ball to throw in the house. Not as much fun as being outside but he still enjoys it.  When he's ready to quit, he will climb up on my lap with the ball. He usually holds the ball until he falls asleep.

This weekend, he stayed with the Gparents and had a BALL, literally.  They went shopping and brought home a bag of balls to keep in stock for both doggies.  The Gparents hid the bag away because there already were three or four balls out for the boys.

While they finished putting away everything else, Jaxon helped himself to the bag of balls.  He carried it out of the hiding place and proceeded to play.

How do you OPEN this?

When the GParents came into the living room and saw what he was doing, they being good GParents, encouraged him.  lol  He had so much fun trying to get into the bag and then finally getting IN the bag.

He rolled with them.

He shook them.

He just had a ...  well a BALL with them.  I when I got there to take him home, he started packing his bag.  He made sure at least ONE of those balls were going home with him.

Jaxon packed his bag

When we got home, I unpacked both of us and we snuggled on the couch.  After he brought the ball.  Love my little BallNut.


  1. Ha, I love it. Mocha growls at her balls and talks to them. It is the funniest thing ever!

  2. haha...i wonder what it is about a ball that just gets them so excited...its cool....


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