Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Fur Baby

Here's the new fur baby.  he's coming out from under the bed, little by little.....

We still don't have a name for him yet..... He is answering to Vincent for me. Jakes probably won't be happy with that but when Fur Baby is with me most of the time, I'm going to call him what I want.
We haven't named him yet

Sneaking a reach for the toy

hmmm what's this?

Keeping an eye on Jaxon who's sniffing on the other side of the boxes.

I've let him stay under the bed and kept him confined to a small area of my room.  Today, I kicked Jaxon out of the bedroom and will let fur baby have the entire bedroom.  As he feels more comfortable with his new home, we will eventually do away with the gates and both animals will have free reign of the house.

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  1. awww...what a cute little boys want a friend for our it may not be too long before we get another....smiles.....hope he settles in well....

    stay safe today


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