Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Tidbits

I know, I'm not around here much.  There just isn't much going on in my life.  I'm sitting home enjoying the cozy warmth of my new place.  Got all the boxes unpacked and pictures hung.  It looks and feels like home.

Jakes is spending almost every weekend with me.  I had to tell him to stay home the weekend of the plunge and he got mad at me.  But he was over this past weekend and we enjoyed spending time together.  Jakes earned his phone back at his dad's, the report card was VERY good this marking period!  So proud of him!

We got a new kitten!  He's still hiding under my bed so I don't have pictures to share yet.  In time, he will come out and play with us.  Jaxon is very anxious to have a playmate.  He's sniffing all around my bed to find the little guy.

Jakes and I haven't decided on a name yet.  We are going to wait for his personality to come out and see if we can pick one that fits him.  He's all black with beautiful golden eyes.  He's about 6 months old and is all taken care of with shots and reproduction stuff.

Going to start shopping for a new washer and dryer set.  I hate going to the laundry mat.  Such a hassle!  Not for much longer though.....

I have lots of other things on the wish list.  Its going to be like Christmas for me!!

I am so sick of the snow we keep getting.  I mean, really?  Every other day?  and Sunday's storm was supposed to be a dusting.  Well, I measured 3 inches on my deck.  They LIED again!  

On the up side of this winter, we spring ahead on March 2nd!  Less than a month away!  I always equate spring ahead with SPRING!  I am planning my veggies and I can't wait to get my herb garden defrosted again.  I miss my fresh herbs for cooking!

Dad is hanging in there with the chemo.  Not having too many side effects and such.  The cold is really getting him, though.  Not only has he lost weight that could be insulation, one of the side effects of the chemo is a susceptibility to the cold. Dr. said he's not supposed to have ice in his drinks or be outside in the cold.  He could get frost bite VERY easily.  He's being smart about things for the most part.  He stays inside when its VERY cold, he covers up when he has to go out and he doesn't stay out for long.

That's about all on my front.....


  1. spring will be here soon...are you supposed to get any of the snow tomorrow? will be interesting to see how the pups and the cat get along...ha

  2. I'm glad things are going well. Yay for a new kitten!


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