Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Back to the Farm

Its been a cold and snowy winter here.  We haven't been able to go to the farm in AGES.  Every weekend, Jakes has asked if we can go.  Every week, Ms. Jill posts on Wednesday that she hopes to have lessons on Saturday.  But then Saturday rolls up and there's no lessons.  UGH.

Finally, this past Saturday I got a text from Ms. Jill saying COME OVER!  It was a lovely day.  Sunny and dry.  And everyone showed up to have fun!

The Kitties have missed the kids

The horses have missed the kids

The kids have missed the horses.

Jakes heading out for a Happy Ending Ride on Milkshake

When we can get back to the farm, that tells me Spring is on the way!  Here's hoping we go back this weekend!


  1. ah very cool....i bet jakes had a great time on the horse again...
    come on spring!!!!

  2. It is so great that your kids are involved with horses :))

  3. I know how much the kids really love this. Glad they could finally ride!


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