Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Horse Show Highlights

Just a quickie today to brag about my kid.  He rode in the horse show this past weekend and did a fabulous job!

Three 3rd place ribbons and one 1st place
Awesome work!

At the end of the horse show, there was a category called "Down and Out".  There was a jump set up, each contestant would jump the jump.  If they missed, they were out.  Once everyone jumped the jump, the jump was raised one notch.  I think the kids had more fun at this then they did at any other time in the horse show!

Lookit the HEIGHT the kid got! WOW!


  1. ha. its like reverse limbo....that is fun....

  2. Go Jake ~ I have been riding since I was three.
    What a fabulous way to spend time ~ huh !


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