Thursday, June 12, 2014

Friday Fragments

Hi there.  Is there anyone still reading my blog?  I totally understand if you've moved on.  Hit and miss posts are frustrating.  For me just as they must be for you.

SOOOO.... onto some good news.  Dad's cancer is under control.  There was no new growth on the latest scans and they seem to have found a regime that will keep him healthy enough to get chemo at least every other week.  He has also gained some weight and is looking more like himself.  YAY!  We are all so happy!  Fingers crossed and prayers said that the next few months go just as well.

My garden is coming along nicely.  Lots of blooms and veggies are growing. Last night, I had the first pod of peas.  They were so yummy!  And there was only ONE pod.  Bummer!  But there will be more in a few days.  I can't wait!

Jakes last day of school is today.  I know he will have fun at the field day that is planned.  I also know that he's had a pretty good year so far.  I am proud of his grades and the progress he's made.  I can't believe that he will be a Sophomore in August!  When did my baby grow up?

So.  While I sit here thinking of things to write about, I realize I don't have anything new for myself to report.  Work is the same.  The animals are the same.  There is nothing new or different in my life. The things that make you go hmmmmmmmm......Maybe its time to change that... Got any suggestions?  cheap ones!

I'm coming back.  More later!  Thanks for your patience with me.


  1. whew...last day of school...that feels good now doesnt it...smiles....sounds like he had a good year...that is good news on dad with no new places....

    ha. find something fun to do this summer...

  2. Good news !! that is great that your dad is doing better .
    Of course I do still care about you and your bloggie :))
    I have been out straight lately just catching up .


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