Thursday, January 15, 2015

Ticked Off Thursday

When I'm in my car, I don't usually listen to the radio.  I usually plug in my phone to listen to the singing music I have on there or plug in the iPod for an audiobook.  I go for so long without listening to the radio that I forget WHY I don't listen to the radio.

The other day, I had finished an audiobook and need to get another one on the iPod.  I didn't feel like plugging in the phone for the short trip I was taking.  But the silence in the car was deafening.  So I turned the radio on.  I have the buttons programmed for my favorite stations and each and EVERY station was playing COMMERCIALS at the same time.  SIX stations all on commercial AT THE SAME TIME.  Ridiculous!

Talk about being ticked off!

It reminded me why I don't listen to the radio regularly.  Guess its time to switch up the music on the phone and get an audiobook on the iPod.  No more radio.  Until I forget why I don't listen to the radio again.  And it will happen.


  1. ha. i hear you....there are a ton of commercials on the radios these days...thus the bloom of satelite radio...i used to love listening to the radio....

  2. Yes, any kind of commercials drive me crazy.


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