Tuesday, March 31, 2015


There are times when its good to retreat. When its time to relax and regenerate, when its time to contemplate the big and small in your life.  When you are ready to retreat, its nice to have someplace beautiful and peaceful.

When I took my friend to Cape Cod, it was because she was a retreat leader for a group of women in recovery.  It was a lovely weekend!  The retreat house was pretty, old and well cared for. Of course I didn't take any picture of it.  Its right on Buzzards Bay in Cape Cod and has its own beach. I didn't wander there because the path to the beach was buried FEET of snow.

Saturday morning, we started our day in the Chapel.  Plenty of quiet and calm and pretty scenery for meditation and contemplation.

The view from the Chapel window
So much snow

There is a group of deer the staff of the retreat house have fed through the winter.
They decided that they wanted to join morning prayers


They come right up to the window

Mornings started with this view and blessing from nature is a wonderful way to start!


  1. It looks lovely. Perfect for staring out the window with a cup of tea.

    I can't believe the snow though. What is up with that?!

  2. I feel peaceful just reading this and looking at the pictures!

  3. hi amy, just stopping by to say hi!
    hope you're doing well.

    have a wonderful day.

    btw i really enjoyed your snowy photos, especially those pretty deer.
    big hus~


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