Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Week in Review

Well, so much for keeping up on the blog! and the exercise! and everything in general. Oh well, another week starts soon and I can try again.
There was some drama in my life this week. My boss, who also was the executive director of the agency where I work, was fired on Wednesday. I came back from lunch to find that I couldn't get into my computer, tried calling the IT guys to see what was wrong and was told I had to talk to someone in the company to get permission. I panicked thinking that I was going to get fired. That was before I knew about my boss. Then when I found out about my boss, I REALLY panicked!
So far, I am still employed. I have a new supervisor so we will see how that will work out. I am supposed to get "help" to do my job but to me that means that I will train someone to do my job and then they will let me go.
I have applied for a job in a local school system doing grant work and am just waiting for an interview. I am actively looking for a new job. I can't stay here for much longer but can't afford to leave without some thing lined up to take its place.
Thursday, Neicy and I went to an Expo, where companies from South Jersey gathered to hawk their wares and services. One restaurant was giving away gift certificates and Neicy won one! Woo Ho.
She and I were planning to go out to dinner to celebrate our birthdays (hers is February and mine is April, We are a little late!) so we changed the restaurant to this one. While at the expo, we also were given $10 gift cards for this place and I had gift cards from last years expo. Total we had $100 in gift cards. It would be a cheap dinner!
Friday, I went over Denise's for a great girls night in. We try to do that as often as possible and I always enjoy my time with her. I love her kids too! We watched the Da Vinci Code, which I LOVE the movie and the book. She had some issues with how they changed some of the religious aspects but she also realized it was just a movie. There were lots of people who didn't like the changes made for the story.
Today, I went shopping for the first time since before Disney and spent WAY too much money. But Jacob has a new book bag as well as a new winter coat, both of which he needed. I slept late and took a nap.
Dinner tonight was at Cafe Aldo Lamberti in Cherry Hill. It was SCRUMPTIOUS! Neicy and I loved everything that we ate and plan to go back again sometime. I was going to take a picture with my cell phone of my food but she threatened to dunk my brand new phone in my wine glass if I did! So, I didn't. The bill was a little more than the gift cards, the price of wine was outrageous, and there was a problem with the largest gift card not being activated but overall it was a WONDERFUL Dinner. They fixed the gift card and we both put up $25 to cover the rest of the bill and tip. Can't beat that!
Tomorrow is Jacob's first home Soccer game and his father is actually taking him! YAY! I will be there for the game as well and will bring Jacob home after the game.
Now that my belly is full and I am relaxed from a nice evening with Neicy, all I want to do is curl up in bed. So I will! G-nite

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  1. Sounds like an awesome dinner...and I know it was a great GNI. Why doesnt Niecy want you to take pics of your dinner? Obviously she is not a blogger, lol just kidding!


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