Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Daddy

A little background on my Daddy. I have always been his Babydoll, Daddy's Spoiled Little Girl. Before my mom died, I loved my dad but he was just my dad. My mom was my friend and confidant. After Mom died, I had a chance to KNOW my Daddy. Of course, right after Mom died, I had a newborn to care for. A newborn who I believe saved my Daddy from following my Mom.

For the first two years of Son's life, we had dinner on Wednesdays with Grandpop. At each dinner, Grandpop would have this Awesome PROUD look on his face when he watched Son. He also took LOADS of pictures of Son. I have over 2500 pictures JUST from Grandpop from those weekly dinners.

During these dinners and through daily phone calls with my dad, I got to know him, I mean REALLY know my dad. I heard stories about his childhood, new stories about MY childhood, stories about his day at work. I grew to love my dad as a person and not just my dad.

After Son was born, Dad was the second person other than me and Son's father to see Son. Dad was a mess after just loosing Mom. But I could see that he loved Son. Dad was the first person to hold Son at home. Dad promised that as soon as Son was potty trained, he would babysit for me. I heard "As soon as Son is Potty Trained, I will babysit anytime you want!" Dad says that's not quite what he said. :)

Dad and Son have a special relationship. While there are many other grandkids, Son is still number one with Grandpop. For birthdays and Christmas, Dad goes out and gets a special present for Son. (the train set this year was from Grandpop) Son goes to Grandpops house after school until I get home (luckily just upstairs from our house!)

My Dad has had a knee replaced and has beat 2 types of cancer. He's a fighter.

After Christmas, Dad announced that he wasn't feeling so good. His feet and legs were swollen and he was tired. He would sit down and fall asleep, in a wink! We all urged him to go to the hospital but being the stubborn MAN he is, he refused. He did follow up with his regular doctor who ordered lots of tests and finally came up with a diagnosis of Congestive Heart Failure. CRAP.

Ok. Deep Breath. My grandmother (Dad's Mom) had it for many, many years and seemed to be fine. It doesn't have to be a death sentence.

Dad followed up with a cardiologist this week, who ordered MORE tests. REALLY? there are more tests you can do? OKAY. Did I mention that my dad smokes like a chimney in the middle of a blizzard? For about 50 years? Lovely.

Tomorrow he goes for a stress test and next Wednesday back to the cardiologist to get a plan in place. My step mother is scared Silly about all this. I guess I'm a little scared too. I'm not ready loose my friend, my Daddy. I'm not ready to have Son loose his favorite grandpop. Love you Daddy!

Prayers and fingers crossed for tomorrows test will be greatly appreciated.


  1. Praying for your dad-it is so hard to watch them be so stubborn. Thankfully they have a diagnosis and as long as they keep an eye on things he should be okay.

    Thanks for stopping by my place today and leaving the wonderful comment, the day was hectic and crazy and it really boosted me up.


  2. That is so scary! I hope everything comes out okay, I'm sending good thoughts your way!

  3. scary stuff to see our parents get older. have felt it recently with my moms leg...prayers and thoughts!

  4. Prayers are being said...I know how much he means to you and your son. This post was great...and I always like seeing old pics of your son...such a cutie!!

  5. I am praying for him. My dad had a heart attack this year. Fortunately he came out of it much better. In fact I'm jealous that he's in much better shape than I am.

    My #1 son has a very special relationship with my parents too. It was hard on him.

  6. You got it. There is nothing worse then the fear of the loss of a loved one. I am sorry you are going through this.

  7. Wishing you the best and glad you got to know your dad better.

  8. What a beautiful post about your daddy. So special and how fortunate you are to have gotten to know him like this. Although losing your mom to get to that relationship is way tough.

    Hoping everything went well and heading back to original post now to find out!!


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