Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Dad's New Job

Yes, my Dad has a new Job for the spring.  For those who know what's going on with my Dad's Heart, yes, he probably shouldn't be working.  If you want to read what's going on with Dad, go here.

But, this new job is PREFECT for him right now.  And we are all glad to have him doing it for us. 

He gets to watch the grass grow.

The lawn guy tilled up the front (river-side) yard and planted new grass.  Dad's job is to watch it grow and keep it watered. 

Go Dad!


  1. I think that's the best job he could have right now!

  2. awesome. He will need a tall glass of lemonade with that job too. And maybe a nice umbrella for shade.

    Sending positive thoughts about your Dad's health Amy.

  3. if the grass grows that means i have to cut it then...

    but watching it, not a bad job at all...


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