Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Randomness - My Fave!

I think Random Tuesdays is my favorite meme!

I had a lovely weekend! I wish there were more of those but I guess weekdays are necessary.

Since the beginning of April, I have been to the Vet’s office at least once per week. This week marks the second week in almost 2 months that I do NOT have to take one of the animals to see him. I am hoping to get through the month of June without going to see him. Then at the beginning of July, Jaxon will be going to get snipped! Poor baby!

I am working on making Drs and dentist appointments for Son and I for all the yearly checkups.  Next Tuesday, I get to go to the eye Dr.  Maybe he can help me with my headaches.

Son and I are going to therapy again tonight. I am anxious to see how he behaves after the last visit. Oh! I just looked back at my old posts and see I didn’t let you all know how it went. My Bad!

Anyway, Son behaved atrociously with her. He was all over the floor, under chairs, hiding behind the couch, and when he was asked questions he would not answer them appropriately. I mean, he gave the correct answers but he was yelling, making silly faces, and just acting completely un-Son-like. I made sure the therapist knew that this was not normal behavior for him. So, you can see why I am curious to see how he will behave tonight.

I am going on the class trip with Son on Friday. We have to be AT his school at 6:30 AM to head for the beach. They are going on a boat ride that will teach about the local sealife. Ok, whose BRIGHT idea was it to head to the beach on the FIRST weekend of the summer season? Can you imagine the traffic we are going to be stuck in, ON A SCHOOL BUS? I will be having wine Friday evening!

Son will be at his Dad's this weekend.  Wonder what kind of trouble I can get into?  Suggestions?

Ok, I’m outta randomness but there is lots more over at The Un-Mom’s place! Check her out, she’s AWESOMENESS!


  1. Geez 6:30 in the morning for a field trip. Who thought that was a great idea?

    I hope the therapy session goes better this time. I wonder if it was just a new person and new place that made him act unnaturally.

  2. nice. wish we had taken field trips to the beach....give the relationship with the therapist a little time. i had a kid that it took 4-5 weeks to warm up to me...and what finally broke through was beating him in basketball...i finished with him a while back but he still calls me to check in at times...a long way from someone who hated me at first...

  3. 6:30 am for a field trip? That may be how they figure they'll miss some of the traffic... ;)

    I bet your son was testing the boundaries with the therapist - to see what she'd put up with. Maybe as he gets more familiar with her, he'll settle down. :)

    Here's hoping the month of June will be vet-free! ;)

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