Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I'm BAAACCCKKKK!!! I think...

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Here goes.

I have been MIA lately.  Other than when I needed to VENT.  I think I am going to be back.  I have finished all my grants. I only have 2 contracts to get together and they are basically download the forms, fill in the blank and get the Big Boss to sign them.  I can't believe I did 17 grants in 3 weeks.  Thankfully, it was a lot of copy and paste! 

I have missed you guys!  I hope I still have readers left!

I spent ThanksGiving Weekend painting three HUGE rooms with Neicy and earned enough money (not accounted for in the budget, free to spend on a "toy" money) to get an iPad.  I will be going to the Mall tomorrow to pick one up.  I can't WAIT! 

Thanksgiving weekend, I also cleaned all the carpets in my house, my parents house as well as my furniture and the car floors and seats.  Remember, I have an 11 year old BOY and a DOG.  YUCK!

Speaking of the BOY, things have not been easier with us lately.  Bummer.  I have a court date for January 14th and my motion papers are THE BOMB if I do say so myself.  I did an awesome job filling in the blanks and since there is a new judge, the history of Jakes.

At his parent teacher conference I asked for a report from his teachers on his behavior at school.  His homeroom teacher will be sending it home tomorrow!  I LOVE being in a small school!

Choir practice is tonight.   Its getting exciting!  I have my dress, which needs to be hemmed.  We have dress rehearsal next week.  Tonight promises to be a long night.  The harpest will be with us the next two weeks.

My friend in AZ called again last night.  Things are still pretty hard for him right now but he seems to be handling it better.  His Mom will be out there for a bit to help him.  I wish I could help him more but all I can do is be there when he needs to talk.  And to remind him that I am here for him when he needs me.

OMG!  Time to go home!  Time flies when you are as busy as I have been.   See ya later!!


  1. You have been super busy! You seem to be happy! Let us know how the Ipad does with blogging!

  2. HI. I am your newest follower fro the blog hop!!! You have a lovely blog! You can find me at www.bouffeebambini.blogspot.com
    I've got 4 amazing, handmade giveaways so check them out when you come by:)

  3. hey welcome back! the holidays are busy...i even took some time myself off...good to see you...

  4. Wow...you accomplished ALOT! You totally deserve that iPad!


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