Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Wedding

My Best Friend In the World, Kimber got married this past weekend and it was a wonderful day and party.  She was the most beautiful bride, the groom couldn't have been handsomer, the weather finally cooperated, the food and drink was perfect and there was plenty of DANCING!

On Friday, I shipped Jakes off to his dad's and packed myself and Jaxon in the car to drive north for the weekend.  Poor Jaxon still gets car sick!  yuck.  But he got to stay at Kimber's and play with her 3 doggies.  It fabulous that our doggies all get along to well.

We arrived at Kimber's with plenty of time to pack her truck and head further north to where the wedding was being held.  On Friday night, I was sharing Kimber's hotel room and found out that there were going to be 5 of us in the room with one King bed.  ummmm, I love all the girls in the room but probably not THAT much.

We went to the rehearsal dinner, where all of Kimber's family was waiting, people I haven't seen in a long time.  Especially her grandmother!  I was so happy to see her!  She had a rough year but she's stubborn and toughed it out to be at the wedding.  She actually yelled at me because I took so long to come over and hug her!  Gotta love her!

Grandmom with her sons and grandsons.

The food and drink were wonderful and the company fabulous!  While floating around visiting with family, I scored a room key!  Woot!  Cousin Kelly and her husband were staying at the hotel and had an extra bed.  Karen (Kelly's sister) and I shared the bed.  SO much better than squishing in with Kimber and the kids!  Still love ya, Kimber!

Of course it was a late evening and we had an early call to be up in the moring.  We were supposed to be at Aunt Mary's by 7:00 am.  ugh.  There were six girls who had to have hair and make up done by the time the photographer came.  I didn't bother with hair and make up since I wasn't in the wedding.

I was Honorary Maid of Honor.  Its a good thing too!  With the long dresses, it would have been almost impossible for Kimber's daughter to help out too much. I confiscated Kimber's phone and she was allowed to have it only when absolutely necessary!  I hovered around Kimber in case she needed anything and all she had to do was ask.  I helped to tighten the corset on her gown, I held the gown when she walked, I helped the photographer set up shots, I paid people, I drove her to the hotel, I don't think I sat down and relaxed until dinner was served.  And then it was time for dancing!  Woot!

Once Kimber was beautiful, we went back to the hotel for more pictures with the groom.  That's where the photographer got a fabulous picture of me, Kimber and Dale.  I can't wait to see it!

The ceremony was lovely.  Everything went as planned and Kimber's Mom sent a ray of sunshine just as she headed down the aisle.  Perfection!

The Veil is Kim's Aunt Mary's.  Its been worn by Mary, Kelly and now Kimber.
As a way of symbolizing the formation and unity of the family, they held a sand ceremony.  Everyone had a different color sand and they poured it into a larger container to show how the colors combine to make an all new brilliant design.  Just as happens when you combine a family such as theirs.  It was lovely.

A Family Is Made

After the cememony, it was time to PARTY!  Of course, there were still family pictures to take.  Once they were done, Kimber and Dale had their pictures taken in this:

Kimber works for a distributing company and one of the sales reps brought this so she could get pictures.  LOVE IT!

THEN it was time to party!  Of course, Kimber and Dale wanted a few minutes alone and I had set out the brides gift for the groom and a couple glasses of campange, then found the head caterer so they could take up munchies for them.  My job was almost done!

Right after the new Mr and Mrs were introduced, the dancing started.  I missed the salad cause I was on the dance floor.  I did sit down to eat dinner, YUM!  And I had a whole bottle of wine to myself.  :)

More dancing!  Go Grandmom:

We couldn't resist getting down with Grandmom!

The evening ended with the cake cutting.

On the way back to the hotel, I gave Kimber back her phone.  My duties were done!  All of Kimber's hard work and planning paid off!  It was a beautiful wedding for a wonderful couple. 

I wish them all the love and happiness in the world!


  1. She's gorgeous. And I love the cake!

    Congrats to your friend!

  2. wow. nicely done...sounds like you had a lot of fun...

  3. What a special weekend for you, and obviously for Kimber too! I have heard of the sand ceremonies but I haven't seen one yet. My daughter is doing a tea ceremony. :)

  4. im not a wedding person, i think i'm allergic : )

    but that looked lovely and i know you had a blast.

    cheers to the bride and groom.


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