Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Saving ME

As mom's we typically sacrifice everything, from our bodies in the conception and incubation of the children, to our very identities.  We become MOM the one who does everything for every one else.  And MOM's of special needs children, single moms or a combination of both are especially guilty of sacrificing their very souls in the care of their children.

In September, I did something to save my soul, to salvage my identity.  I joined the local community college's choir. And from the moment I walked into the practice room, I felt like I was home.

In high school I was a part of the school chorus, I went to All County Chorus three out of four years.  (Would have been there all 4 but my appendix had other ideas!)  I love to sing.

The people who make up this choir have accepted each and every newbie.  We were made to feel a part of the family.  I have made several new friends through the choir.  I have had some wonderful experiences with the choir.

The first was the Holiday Concert.  I left my girls in Ocean City, MD to come home and sing. And it was a very hard decision to make.  I love my girls and the time we have in Ocean City together, but singing has become a part of ME, my identity, my therapy.

The next performance is one that I was NOT going to miss!  We sang the National Anthem at a Phillies Game.  It just happened to fall on my Birthday so that made it SO much better!  There is almost nothing more thrilling than standing on the field, looking up and seeing 40,000 people standing and waiting for you to sing and pay tribute to this great nation of ours.  Its an experience I will NEVER forget!

This past weekend, we performed our Spring Concert.  We sang fun songs such as Sit Down You're Rockin' the Boat; New York, New York; Deep River; and many more lovely songs.  It was a joy to practice these songs and to perform them over the weekend.  I am in awe of the talent of the people in the group.  They are all amazing!  I'll share a couple of pictures from the concert:

The Entire Choir plus Stage Dressing
All done, waiting to exit the stage.

The choir is off now until September.  I am going to have to remember who I am.  That I do have identity outside of the choir.  I can't wait to get back to work on the Christmas Concert!


  1. enjoy your break, rest up...and so glad you took that step to start singing...

  2. I'm so glad that you found something which has meant so much to you. September will be here before you know it too!

  3. I loved singing in choirs too. My fav part is the harmonies and counter tempos and antiphonal responses (this is a new gizmo for me....my sister's IPad and I don't know how to back up and change the "is" to an "are".). Anyway, I LOVE choirs.


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