Thursday, August 11, 2011

Free Speech But What About the Kids?

There has been lots of talk on the Internet about the father who created a blog where he bashed his ex-wife.  He thought it was anonymous but the ex-wife found it and supposedly shared it with the kids.

This is not going to be another blog protesting what he did, she did or the judge ordered.  I am going to turn this to be about ME.  Its MY blog after all......  Where I try to learn and grow into a better person.

This situation is one that made me go "hummmmmmmm" because I blog, somewhat anonymously and I take my Ex to task for what I perceive as bad parenting, inhumane actions on his part, and so much more. I know Jakes knows about my blog, but I seriously doubt he reads it.  Only because I know how I have the net nanny set up on our computer and I strictly monitor his time on the internet.

I wouldn't have a problem if JF found the website and read what I wrote.  I mean, he might even learn how to be a better parent to Jakes.

I definitely would hate to have Jakes read some of the stuff that I write about his father.  I try not to bash his father when Jakes can hear (I'm not perfect though).  Jakes loves his father and just because I don't doesn't give ME the right to ruin Jakes image or relationship with his father.  If Jakes was being hurt, physically or mental, by his father, that's a different story.  But Jakes loves his dad so I try to respect that.

My blog is about things, good and bad, in my life as a form of therapy.  I have not really given thought to being "found out" here in my nest.  I share my links on my personal facebook page, I know that I am friends with people who are friends of JF, who could easily report back to him what I am saying. 

After reading all the hoopla created around the psycho website, I am going to think more carefully of what I say about JF, not because I care what he thinks or if he reads it.  I am going to be more careful for my kids' sake.  He already has enough to deal with in his life, Aspergers, ADHD, Puberty, divorced parents.  He doesn't need me bashing his father in public just because I don't like him or agree with JF's life choices.

My life has been about putting Jakes first.  This is another way that I will do that.


  1. probably a smart thing to do as one day he may get curious...

  2. but i still get to call jf all the fabulously spot on things that i call him right?

    ill keep it to email though, because i respect what you're saying here.

  3. I do try to watch what I post because I know the kids might go back and read.


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