Friday, August 12, 2011

Finally Friday

Its Finally Friday!  This has been a long week.  I think its the first week this summer that I have worked all week, didn't have to take time off for Jakes Drs appointments!  Wooho!  No appointments for him next week either cause he'll be at his dads!

Yes, another vacation week for me.  His father is picking him up sometime on Saturday for the week.  Peace and quiet will reign in my house!  Gotta love vacation time.

I'm a little scared because JF has said that he will take Jakes to riding lessons on Wednesday AND he asked to have Jakes for an extra weekend.  um, that's never happened before.  I hope it keeps happening.  I hope JF is going to start including Jakes in his life.

This week is our county fair.  I've managed to avoid it so far.  I am going to get stuck going tonight though.  They are having the antique tractor pulls tonight and Jakes wants to go.  So, I'll take him and a book.  Usually I am very interested in wandering around the fair grounds but this year it just isn't holding any interest for me.  Oh well, I have a book I've been wanting to read so this will be a good time.

Jakes has a new obsession and its making me crazy.  Aspergers kids usually have a subject that they are passionate about and learn every little detail about.  Then when they are nervous or scared, they can call upon this knowledge to comfort them and bored the crap out of everyone around them.  His obsession, you ask. Well, he is naming trucks as we drive along.  He sees a Peterbuilt (or whatever the make of the truck is) and recites everything he knows about it along with how many are at his dad's work place.  He does this for every truck we see on our drives.  And if he sees multiples, I get to hear the same facts again and again and again.  Makes me want to hide in the trunk when we are on a road trip. I suppose I should be grateful he's moved on from Thomas the Tank Trains. At least trucks can be considered more age appropriate.

I am looking forward to the end of next week.  My friend from AZ is coming for a visit.  Its going to be nice to have an adult close to my age around to have fun with!  I almost want to wish away next week so he'll get here sooner but I don't want to miss my Jakes-free time.  Its a hard choice!

Well, I guess I have to get back to work.  I have a grant that is due in a couple of weeks but I have about 7 tech manuals and white papers to read to educate myself on the content.  Time to sleep!

Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. smiles. go have fun at the tractor boys love it as well...glad you are getting these breaks, it will keep you fresh...sorry i am late been out in the gorgeous weather all day!

  2. My daughter said she went to the state fair last week and she will never go to one again. She absolutely hated it!


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