Wednesday, December 7, 2011


There is a saying that you will get back times 3 what you put out in the world.  And Carma's a b*tch.

In my dealing with JF (AH) I have always tried to be fair, honest and most importantly law abiding.  He on the other hand has done everything sneaky and underhanded and bold faced lying to try and get his way.  Whenever we've been in court, he lies through his teeth and the judge grants most of my requests.  The ones not granted are ones that I've thrown in there just to have something of mine denied.

I've always said that he'd get his come-upence one of these days.  His come-upence for all the lies and deceit and just plain stupidity.

Well, Carma made an appearance to him this week!  And I've spent the afternoon giggling over it! And its going to hit him where it hurts, the wallet!  Giggle! Giggle!

I probably shouldn't get so much enjoyment out of this but I can't help it.  After all the aggravation JF's given me over the years, he deserves a taste of his own medicine!


  1. This is the biggest smile I've had all week
    : D

    Please let karma head on over to CREW's neighborhood.


  2. oh you did not even let us get a good laugh by telling us what it was...smiles.

  3. Hmmmmm, didn't you KNOW it was coming eventually Amy??? I think YES!

  4. Finally! I am still waiting for karma to find its way around to my brother. :(


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