Tuesday, December 6, 2011

The Humdrum

Well, its back to the humdrum of life.  I've had several vacations in the past couple of weeks and enjoyed every minute!  My trip to AZ for Thanksgiving was very nice and relaxing.  It was great to spend time with AZ.

We saw a couple of movies, cooked Thanksgiving Dinner together, watched movies at home and did some shopping for him.  It was so nice to feel like a part of a "couple".  Everyone, from wait-staff to cashiers thought we were a couple and its something I've missed.  I really enjoyed that feeling.  Having someone open doors for me, rest their hand on the small of my back to guide me, a shoulder to lean on in the movies, someone to snuggle with on the couch while watching TV.  Someone to fight over the check at the end of the meal, to open the wine and keep my glass filled.

The trip to OCMD with my girls was really wonderful and refreshing in a different way from my trip to AZ.  We have a special bond that doesn't fade over the year that we are not together.  I am hopeful that we'll be able to continue to make the journey there for many more years to come.

The humdrum life kicked in first thing yesterday with notice of a grant annoucement that was released last Monday, while I was on vacation.  Its due 12/6 at 2:00 pm.  YIKES!  I got to typing and emailed the people I needed other information from to complete the application.   I was able to get most of it compiled by lunchtime.  I don't think I will be taking extended vacations in October, November or early December in the future.  Its just not worth the interruptions on vacation or the headache of coming back to a quick deadline.

I have no food in the house.  Of course, who would leave a full refrigerator for two weeks?  So I have to go shopping for food and other stuff. 

Jaxon is thrilled to have me home again.  He was such a spoiled little thing upstairs with the G-parents but Momma is still the best!

I can't wait for the weekend when I get Jakes and we can see about getting the Christmas decorations out and up.  I also have the choir Christmas Concert to attend on Saturday and Sunday.  I am hoping to make Christmas cookies with Jakes this weekend as well.  We'll have to prioritze what gets done first.

Laundry and housecleaning are also on the list.  How can the house get dirty while you're away?  I came home and had to mop and vacuum the floors.  Dusting and scrubbing the bathroom are also high up on the list.  I have cookbooks to make for Christmas presents.  So my evenings will be filled with lots of good projects, in addition to tossing the ball down the hallway for Jaxon.

Bring on the HumDrum!


  1. nice...have fun decorating this weekend...coming back from vacation stinks...so much to do at home and work...

  2. That sounds humdrum full!

    My kids are fighting over the tv and couch pillows, save me!

  3. yes, coming home from vacation is really hard.

    i love decorations...have fun on decorating!

    big hugs!

  4. You sound really busy, but you sound incredibly happy!


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