Monday, December 5, 2011

Spirit Renewal

Everyone has their own way of renewing their spirits.  Some do it every week with a visit to their church and the spirituality there.  My way?  Well, I have several.  I try to meditate when things are stressful.  I curl up with a good book.  I SING!  I have a girls night with Neicy or Kimber.

My Favorite way to renew my spirit is to get together with my Girls at the beach for the first weekend in December every year.  We go to Ocean City, MD for the weekend.  There is shopping, laughter, sharing and caring, and good food!  I have been going for this weekend for about 18 years, Mom and I started going together.  This year, 7 of us made the trip to be together.  ESM, Kathy, Sherry, Bonnie, Judy, Dolores and myself. 

All of us didn't hang together the entire weekend.  That's the good thing about the weekend, we can hang together or not.  We come together in the evening and gossip and catch up on our lives since the past year.  I had a LOT to share.  And they were all supportive of my decisions as well.

Sunday morning came and we had to part for another year.  We've made plans to get together on Martin Luther King Day for lunch at Wegmans and then high tea at Judy's house.

How do you renew your spirit?  Do you have a special group of friends to gather with as I do?

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  1. nice...glad you got som renewal and r&r ...i like to go to the mountains...walk trails...feeling the burn already so in need of that soon...


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