Friday, December 9, 2011

Scattered Stuff

Its Friday!  Woo ho!  I'd be doing a happy dance but I pulled a muscle in my hip/thigh area yesterday getting the Christmas decorations out.  Maybe I'm not supposed to have Christmas at my house this year??? 

Still haven't heard from Jakes.  I sent him two messages yesterday and he never responded.  So I think he's still upset with me.  I'll send him another one this afternoon when he's out of school to see if he wants to come see me and everyone else this weekend.  I'm not holding my breath though....  Teenagers!

My Choir is singing their holiday concert this weekend.  With everything going on with Jakes and my vacation to AZ, I dropped out of singing with them this time.  I have missed singing and the friendships I had there.  I will be at the concerts, I will be collecting the ticket money.  So I will still be there to support my choir!  I know its going to be a lovely concert!

What kind of present do you get for a wonderful woman who has everything she wants or can get whatever she wants?  I'm at a loss as to what to get Ms. Kathy for Christmas.  She and I will be at the Compound my ourselves this year so I really should try to get her something good.  She loves ice cream and chocolate.  This summer she bought me an ice cream maker so that I could keep her supplied with ice cream, which I do.  Before I left for vacation, I had to make sure she was stocked!

Lately, I've been messing up at my job.  I completely missed a deadline for 3 applications.  Fortunately, no one else applied for the funding and they are re-issuing the application.  I'm checking everyday to make sure I don't miss it this time!  AND yesterday, my boss told me that an application that I submitted before vacation was incomplete and not eligible for funding.  WTH?  I looked through my copy and everything seems to be there.  I have a call into the funder to see if I can just submit what is missing or if we have to apply all over again.

My boss doesn't seem too upset with me.  I'm upset with me.  I can't believe I'm messing up so badly!  Where is my brain?

I'm off to put my brain in order and get some stuff completed.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. awww...i hope that you get back into singing...i know that was inmportant to you...and hope your hip feels better...

    thanks for the DM yesterday...he is home today and just taking it easy and we are medicating...if it gets bigger or does not go away...a specialist next week...

  2. I think this time of year steals everyone's brains. Hope things get easier.

  3. You've had a lot of chaos in your life in the last month or so. It stands to reason that your thinking might be a little jumbled right now.


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