Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Random Thoughts on a Tuesday

I seem to be doing posts that just list my random/scattered thoughts.  I don't seem to be thinking anything profound enough to warrant its own post. hmmmmmm  maybe is time to put my thinking cap on and see what I can come up with later this week........

Exciting News:  AZ is going to move back to Jersey!  Happy Dance!  I don't know that he's moving back to be with me, just that he's tired of being alone out there and he has friends and family here.  I am excited that we'll be on the same coast and should be able to spend more time together, even as just friends.  If nothing else, I see a cross country ride in the spring for me! 

AZ has been through the ringer out there.  Loss of a wonderful friend and life partner.  His health problems.  Job problems.  He's just very lonely and depressed.  He needs to be surrounded by his friends and family and take time to heal.

This past weekend, I did end up with Jakes spending the night with me.  Happy Dance!  I had to take a friend back to Salisbury, Maryland and asked Jakes if he wanted to ride with us.  I figured, I'd have company on the ride home.  Win-win, for me!  I stopped over his house Saturday night to pick him up and he spent the night!  It was a good visit.  Lots of hugs and kisses from him and Jaxon went WILD over Jakes being home!

We got lost on the way down and a ride that should have taken 2 hours, was then 3 1/2.  I had planned this trip with enough time that I could be home to get ready for the Christmas Concert in the afternoon.  With getting lost and then sitting in traffic around the mall, I completely missed the concert on Sunday.

Jakes and I did have a chat about his visits with me. I told him that for now, I'd like him to consider his full weekends with me to be mandatory.  I know that in time, he will have friends to be with and places better than mom to go so I want as much time with him NOW as I can get.  I told him that we could work out and change up the other weekends as necessary.  I also told him that changes to visits would be made through his father but that Jakes could have a say in whether he comes to see me or not.  I have realized that he is getting older and should be able to have a say in his schedule within reason.  I told him that I want to see him as much as I possibly can but I'm trying to accept that he is growing up.  Jakes seemed ok with all this.  Progress!

I've made plans to meet friends for Rita's afterwork today!  I haven't chatted with them since before vacation.  Its going to be a good day!


  1. The tone in your blog posts is a complete 180 from a couple of months ago. I love seeing your joy!

  2. nice...lots of happy dancing in this one...i like that...smiles..


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