Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Incident

Well, Jakes school knows how to get in touch with me in an emergency.  Or at least when his father doesn't answer his phone, which is NEVER.  I will admit that I am impressed that this is the first "Incident" phone call I've gotten from the new school.

I was annoyed with the principal because she gave a lead in story to the Incident but failed to let me know right away that Jakes was ok and not in trouble.  10 minutes into the conversation and I'm holding my breath waiting to hear the magical words "J is fine!"

Anyway, it seems there was a sub for computers class and of course the kids were taking advantage (Jakes too).  He was working, talking and singing to himself.  Several kids had politely asked him to stop.  One girl (who has been in guidance several times due to her behaviors toward Jakes and others) threatened to hit him if he didn't stop. He didn't stop and she hit him, several times about his shoulders and head.  I don't think Jakes hit her back (he's not in trouble so he must not have), the fight was broken up, Jakes was sent to the nurse and the principals office.  Stories were taken, consequences doled out and parents called.

After I got off the phone with the principal, I texted JF about the incident and suggested that he call the school.  He sent back that he had talked to them and THANKED me for letting him know.  THANKED me.  Good thing I was sitting down when it came in.  Hell is going to freeze over.

Moving on.......

I texted Jakes last night, just a "hi".  He CALLED me.  He's not supposed to use the phone minutes but he has unlimited texting.  I think he needed his momma.  We talked about the incident and he was ok.  I sent him hugs and I love you's over texting after we got off the phone.  He also denies that he was making noises that were annoying to the class.  I suppose its possible that he doesn't realize he's making the noises but when there were reports from several of the kids and the teacher of his noises, I think he has to accept that fact.  I didn't argue with him over his version of the noises.  Hopefully, his dad will talk with him about it.

Middle school sucks for all kids and especially for special needs kids.  I certainly hope the girl who hit Jakes learns something from the consequences of her actions.  I also hope Jakes learns to stop making the noises when he's asked.


  1. I understand the child who doesn't realize they are doing something. That's Vanilla a lot of the time when we have a disagreement. I'll tell him to just stop talking period, then he says something in a small voice. I used to think he was being a brat and disobeying, but I am honestly coming to realize he seriously doesn't get that he's talking out loud and that I can hear him.

  2. it is very possible he does not realize it and with the change in teachers it could very well have been self soothing...glad he called you that is awesome...and the nice thanks from

  3. I'm glad he's okay.

    I am NOT looking forward to middle school and Tommy :(

  4. My heart misses a beat when i hear, "There's been an incident." Glad it worked out well. Sounds as if the school handled things well too.

  5. So glad he's alright. It sounds like he kept his cool even when she hit him. I'm also hoping she learns from this.


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