Friday, February 17, 2012

The Struggle

Jakes and I struggle with a lot of things, a lot of differences in opinions.  One difference in opinion is that I think its perfectly ok to display this picture on my fridge......

Neicy and I after the polar bear plunge one year

Because Jakes doesn't like this picture, I frequently find this:

Or some other magnet covering the picture.

Kinda a cute struggle, huh?


  1. Vanilla and I had a toilet paper thing going on for awhile. He likes it to go one way, and I like it the other way. So I'd go in his bathroom (this was at our old house) and flip the paper. Then at night I'd check, it'd always be flipped back.

    Yes, it's juvenile and silly. (and fun!)

    But so sometimes is parenting!

  2. lol, I probably wouldn't want to have to see a pic of my mom's butt either, so I kinda get it even though it's silly!

  3. lol! that is cute! i am with liz.

    happy week.


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