Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tuesday Thoughts

What a weekend!  It was SO busy!  But SO good.  After Jakes Incident at school last week, he seemed like he needed some Momma Love so I went over there for dinner with him on Friday.  We had a good dinner!  We chatted, laughed and he didn't even mind that I hugged him. Several times!  After dinner we headed over to the Super Wal-Mart so I could finish shopping for my Scentsy Party.  Jakes was a big help, although he runs around the store like his father would.  Like its a race to get in, get the stuff and get out.

My Scentsy Party was a success!  I had lots of friends and family stop over, we chatted and talked scents.  We drank some wine and laughed.  We ate good food and deserts.  And then they all went home and I felt like I'd been hit by a truck!  After spending all morning in the kitchen cooking and baking, then the afternoon on my feet being hostess, I couldn't wait to curl up on the couch with Jaxon and read my book.

On Sunday, I spent the day cleaning and packing up my kitchen so the floor guys could come on Monday to install my new floor.  Jaxon and I played fetch on the beach.  He would rather play fetch with Jacob cause I throw like a girl.  Jaxon even went swimming a little bit, until a little wave got him in the face.  He was trying to grab a stick from the water and the wave got him.  He came out of the water pouting.  It was so cute!

Monday, I hung around the house while the guys replaced the floor.  They were in and out of the house.  I couldn't believe how quickly they worked and the wonderful job they did!  Pictures tomorrow.  Neicy and I ran again.  We are on Week 3 and I am still liking it.  I think I like it most because I get time to chat with an adult.  Then I had to put my kitchen back together.  But first Jaxon and I had to play fetch on the beach again.  No swimming this time.

I'm kinda glad to go to work today so that I can rest.  How was your weekend?


  1. ok glad we are getting pics tomorrow cause that is what i wanted...smiles...

  2. sounds like a fun, eventful past couple of days...wishing you a couple of quiet restful days....

  3. Yeah, whatever happened to restful weekends?


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