Friday, June 1, 2012

Saving the Pot

All winter long, I've been keeping an eye on this tree at the end of the sand bar.  It showed up one day after a particularly high tide.  Its snagged pretty good and won't be going anywhere until we get another super high tide with a storm.  Tangled in the tree is rope and bouys.  I wanted to find out what was wrapped around the tree.

The tree at the end of the sand bar

We couldn't get out to the tree on Sunday because the tide was coming in.  On Monday, we timed it better and were able to wade out.  I untangled the rope and bouys to find a crab pot attached to the rope!  I have two crab pots that we put out in the summer.

Rescued Crab Pot

I claim salvage rights!  Now we have three pots to collect yummy crabs this summer.


  1. Wow that must've been a hell of a storm to completely uproot a tree and drag to the see. Cool Crab Pots! Happy crab fishing

    -Oscar Valencia
    Tree Service Queens

  2. so that means you can catch enough for guests at dinner right? smiles...i love crab...


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