Friday, June 8, 2012


Before Memorial Day, my parents and Kathy left in the Beast for a trip to Florida.  One of Kathy's daughters lives in Miami and had been bugging her to come and visit. So off they went!

They took their time driving south, stopping in South Carolina and Jacksonville, FL.  They landed there just in time to set up camp and take shelter from Tropical Storm Bertha.  Everything was fine during the storm, just a lot of rain and some wind, nothing too scary.  They didn't have electric but they did have the generator.

Kathy getting her seat
 After weathering the storm (literally!) they continued south to Miami.  Once there, Dad and ESM dropped Kathy at her daughters and then set up camp for the rest of the week.  They didn't really enjoy the park they were in.  The Wifi didn't work all the time, the pool wasn't open much and the general upkeep of the park paths and such just wasn't kept nicely.

Kathy enjoyed her visit with her daughter and they eventually had to pack up and head for home.  The trip back was much better, no tropical storms or other major issues.

Start Your Engines!
 They backed down the road about 8 pm last night and the dogs (Jaxon and Kathy's babies) went NUTS!  Lots of wiggly butts all around.  I was happy they are home because I don't have to take care of Kathy's zoo anymore.  But I did miss them and am glad they are home.  The Compound feels complete again.

Tonight I'll have to help unload the camper.  But they are HOME!


  1. I'm sure the break was nice, but I know you missed them. Glad they're home!

  2. welcome home! smiles...i am sure you will be hearing stories for days...smiles.


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