Thursday, June 7, 2012

First Love Comes Full Circle

In high school there were lots of couples who were "in love" and it was thought that they would stay together through college and end up together for happily ever after.  AZ and I were such a couple.  We were together in high school through most of my freshmen year and broke up in my junior year.

We were almost joined at the hip, always together, always in the same activities. The only times we weren't together is when one of us had to work or my parents said Nope, time for family.

I would sit in science class and watch the back room for a glimpse of him working for another teacher.  We both got in trouble for kissing in front of a teacher. I remember going back to the auditorium where we held the plays and thought about the times we hid in the catacombs to make out.  Boy was the teacher upset when we both walked out together.

We went to his junior prom together.  There was something called a Candy Stripers Ball that was our first date ever.  I don't think we came up for air on the ride home, the kisses were SO good.

I don't remember why I broke up with AZ but I really broke his heart.  He was still friends with my brother and they hung out some what.  Whenever I was around him, I was uncomfortable so eventually, I moved away into my own group of friends.

AZ graduated and moved away for college.  He also fell in love and got married.  I fell in love and got married.  I didn't see him again until I was 9 months pregnant and mom was dying.  AZ and his wife stopped by on Christmas Eve to see the parents and Brother.  I had butterflies in my belly that evening and it wasn't from the baby!  A month later, he was at Mom's funeral but I don't remember seeing him.  It would be another 9-10 years before we saw each other again.

We ran into each other in the local diner.  We hugged and it felt "right" to me.  He was moving to AZ.  Unfortunately, things didn't go well with him out there.  That is his story to tell.  When things went south for him, we reconnected and grew close again.

AZ has since moved back here with me.  We have come full circle and are taking things day-by-day to make it work.

This was written as part of Theme Thursday


  1. this just makes me smile...cause if it is meant to be it will...enjoy that day to day...smiles...

  2. It sometimes takes YEARS to get where you are supposed to be. Be happy Amy.


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